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Helicopter Manufacturers

Overview of all helicopter manufacturers of the world.

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Denel Aviation Relatively new South African government dominated conglomerate in the military-industrial field. The company was formed in 1991. Among its wide range of products is the Rooivalk attack helicopter. Denel
Doman Helicopters Doman Helicopters Inc. was founded in 1945. The purpose of the company was to exploit several patents created by Doman, who was a former Sikorsky employee. Doman
Dynali Helicopter Company Manufacturer of the Dynali H2S light sports helicopter. The company was founded by Jacques Tonet in the 1980s and succesfully produced the ultra light Chickinox airplane.In the 2000s a new shareholder, Thierry Blanchart, injected new capital and Dynali turned its business to the design and production of helicopters. Dynali
Eagle Research & Development Eagle R&D is the company that designed the HeliCycle single-seat helicopter. It was founded by B. J. Schramm (who also started Rotorway way back in 1961) in April 1998. Eagle R&D
EH Industries Joint venture between Westland aircraft and Agusta (starting in 1979) created solely to develop the EH101 helicopter. In 2004 the parent companies merged and NHI was renamed AgustaWestland International Limited. In 2007, the EH101 was rebranded as the AW101.
Enstrom Helicopter Enstrom Helicopter was founded in 1959 by Lumberjack and the mining engineer Rudy Enstrom. However, before the first model hit the market, Enstrom had already been removed from the firm. The familiar F-28 model was FAA certified in 1965. F. Lee Bailey bought the company in 1970 and sold it in 1979. By 2013, Enstrom had changed hands several times. In January 2013, the company was acquired by the Chinese business Chongqing Helicopter Investment Co. from a Swiss investment company that had owned Enstrom since 2000. Enstrom
Eurocopter Eurocopter was founded in 1992 from the merger of Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG (DASA) and the helicopter divisions of Aerospatiale. It produces many models, both for military and civil use. Eurocopter
Fairchild-Hiller Company founded by Sherman Fairchild in 1924 as Fairchild Aviation Corporatio. In 1964, the company purchased Hiller Aircraft, changing its name to Fairchild Hiller and producing the FH-1100, until 1973 when the helicopter division was sold back to Stanley Hiller. Fairchild-Hiller
Fama Helicopters Famà helicopters was established in 1999 with the realisation of the KISS 209M, which was developed by Nino Famà. Fama
Focke-Achgelis A German helicopter company founded by Henrich Focke and Gerd Achgelis in 1937. Focke-Achgelis

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