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Helicopter Manufacturers

Overview of all helicopter manufacturers of the world.

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MK Helicopter Manufacturer of the MK3 helicopter. MK Helicopter
Nederlandse Helikopter Industrie Dutch manufacturer of the H-3 Kolibrie helicopter. It was founded in 1955 and liquidated in 1961 due to a lack of orders. NHI
NHIndustries NHIndustries was established by Agusta, Eurocopter and Stork Fokker Aerospace. NHIndustries was responsible for the development of the NH90 helicopter. NHIndustries
Piasecki Helicopter Corporation Founded in 1940 by Frank Piasecki. Piasecki successfully designed and sold tandem rotor helicopters to the US Navy (the 'flying banana'). In March 1956, the company’s name was changed to Vertol. Boeing acquired Vertol in 1960, and renamed it Boeing Vertol. It is now the Boeing helicopter Division. Piasecki
PZL Swidnik The biggest helicopter manufacturer in Poland. The company was acquired by AgustaWestlan in 2010. PZL Swidnik
Qingdao Haili Helicopters Founded in 2007. Qingdao Hali acquired the design and production rights of the Brantly B2B helicopter.
Quest Helicopters Quest Helicopters is headquartered in Dubai and is a subsidiary of Quest Investments, the holding company of the UAE’s al-Ansari family. Quest
Revolution Helicopter Corporation Company founded by Dennis Fetters (circa 1992), who designed and manufactured the Mini-500 kit helicopter. The company went bust in November 1999. Revolution
Robinson Helicopter Company Founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson. At the time Robinson was the largest civil helicopter manufacturer worldwide. Robinson produces two models, the R22 and the R44 helicopter. The model R66 is currently in development. Robinson
Rotorway International Rotorway was founded in 1961 by B.J. Schramm as Rotorway Aircraft. Rotorway develops and produces low cost, experimental helicopters. Currently the Exec 162F as well as the A600 Talon is produced. The A600 is the latest model. Rotorway is also planning an FAA type certification for the A600 Talon. Rotorway

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