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Helicopter Manufacturers

Overview of all helicopter manufacturers of the world.

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Focke-Wulf German airplane manufacturer founded by Henrich Focke, Georg Wulf and Werner Naumann on 24 October, 1923. The company developed only one helicopter, the Fw-61, which was designed by Henrich Focke and Gerd Achgelis. Focke-Wulf
Gyrodyne Company of America Gyrodyne was founded in 1946 by Peter J. Papadakos. Gyrodyne developed helicopters with co-axial rotor systems. After the death of Papadakos, Gyrodyne stopped developing helicopters and turned to property rentals.
Heli Air Design Heli Air Design (HAD) is a spin of the France-based company Serolor. Heli Air Design
Hélicoptères Guimbal Guimbal (a former Eurocopter engineer) is the designer of the Cabri G2 helicopter and founder of Hélicoptères Guimbal. Hélicoptères Guimbal
Hiller Aircraft Corporation In 1942 Stanley Hiller founded the Hiller Aircraft Corporation. In 1948 the company was renamed Hiller Helicopters. In 1964 Fairchild acquired the company. Stanley Hiller bought it back in 1973. In 1994, the Hiller Aircraft Corporation was founded by Jeffrey Hiller (son of Stanley Hiller) and a consortium, to repurchase assets from the Rogerson Hiller Corporation. Well known model (and look alike of Bell model 47) is the OH-23 / UH-12E. Hiller
Hughes Helicopters Hughes Helicopters was started in 1947 as a part of Hughes Aircraft (the company founded by Howard Hughes). In 1972 it became the Summa Corporation, and in 1981 the company was reformed as Hughes Helicopters. Hughes also licensed Schweizer Aircraft to produce the model 300C. Hughes Helicopters was acquired by McDonnall Douglas in 1984. The well known McDonnall-Douglas Apache attack helicopter was known as the Hughes model 77 helicopter.
Innovator Technologies Manufacturer of the Mosquito line of very light helicopters. The company name has been changed into Mosquito Aviation. Innovator Technologies
Kaman Aerospace This company was founded by Charles Kaman in 1945. In the first 10 years, Kaman operated exclusively as a helicopter design and manufacturing company. Later Kaman diversified into other markets (subcontracting, and musical instruments, the latter of which was sold to Fender in 2007). Nowadays Kaman is still active in the military and civil helicopter market. The Seasprite and K-MAX are familiar Kaman helicopter designs. Kaman
Kamov In 1929, Nikolai Il'yich Kamov started building his first helicopter. Since the 1940s, the Kamov Design Bureau has specialized in developing co-axial compact helicopters for civil and military use. In 2006, Kamov merged with Mil and Rostvertol to form the Oboronprom Corporation. The Kamov brand name was retained. Kamov
Kawasaki Aerospace Kawasaki Aerospace (division of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries group) build several helicopters by licence (while adding modifications), for example, Boeing's Chinook, the MCH-101 (AgustaWestland EH101) and the BK117, which was a true co-development with Eurocopter. The OH-1 tandem 2 seater observation helicopter was the first helicopter manufactured completely in Japan. The OH-1 prototype first flew successfully in 1996. Kawasaki

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