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Rotorway Scorpion RW133 II helicopter

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Picture Scorpion_RW133_II
Manufacturer Rotorway
Type Scorpion RW133 II
Introduced 1/1/1974
In production? No
Units produced 0
Price US $ 13,500.00
Overall Length 0 ft
Length 22 ft
Height 7.5 ft
Width 4 ft
Description This kit helicopter is one of the landmarks in Rotorway history. It is derived from the early Javelin model designed by B.J. Schramm, whose mission was to create helicopters for the common man with a price tag below $10,000 (1960s).

The Javelin was a single-seater model powered by a 40hp motorcycle engine (2-cycle)! It was modified into the Schramm Scorpion and was the first helicopter sold by Rotorway (1968). Later, in 1971, Rotorway introduced the Scorpion II, a two-seater helicopter powered by the much more powerful OMC 125hp engine, which also had a 2-cycle engine.

The most successful model was the Scorpion RW133 II, which was the first to use an engine designed and produced by Rotorway itself. Rotorway realized that a 2-cycle engine produces too much vibration, causing problems like cracks in metal parts. After conducting market research, the company decided to design and produce the engines themselves, a tradition that continues to this day for combustion engines. The RW133 II was introduced in 1976 and uses the Rotorway RW133, a 4-cycle piston engine.

The Scorpion line ended with the 145 model, which is identical to the RW133 but with a Rotorway RW145 engine.
Design features
  • Fibreglass cabin
  • RW133 engine designed and manufactured by Rotorway itself
  • Aluminum rotor blades
  • Belt driven tail rotor
Persons 2
Max. Range 87 mi
Cruise Speed 75 mph
Max. Speed 100 mph
Max. rate of Climb 800 ft/min
HOGE ceiling 5500 ft
Service Ceiling 10000 ft
Gross Weight 1200 lb
Empty Weigt 750 lb
Useful Load 450 lb
Dynamic system
Fuel Capacity 0 gallons
Number of Engines 1
Engine Type Piston
Engine Code RW133
Horse Power 135
Rotorhead Teetering
Number of rotorblades 2
Rotor Diameter 24 ft
Number of tail rotorblades 2
Tailrotor Diameter 0 ft
Blueprints & model
Manufacturer Website manufacturer..
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1  Javed Mahmud

Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:20 AM

 I am willing to buy  a one or two seats helicopter ,can you please post me a broucher price list and relevant details.
 My address is Javed Mahmud

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