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Helicopter top 10 lists

Use these Top five and Top 10 lists to compare helicopters and look for the best, fastest or most powerful machine ever built. All of the lists are generated online and therefore always display the latest information.

Top 5 Best Selling Helicopters

The best selling helicopter list is based on the units sold of each particular helicopter make and model. Which company has sold the most helicopters in the world?

» Top 10 Helicopters, Best Selling

Top 5 Most Expensive Helicopters

If you are wondering how expensive a helicopter can be, you should definitely take a look at this overview.

» Top 10 Helicopters, Most Expensive

Top 5 Helicopters with Highest Speed

Although helicopters are not the fastest flying machines, there are some exceptions, most notably the hybrid and convertiplane versions. This list is based on the specifications of standard production machines.

» Top 10 Helicopters, Highest Speed

Top 5 Helicopters witth Highest Useful Load

This is the area of the large and heavy duty helicopters. Find out which company dominates the field of heavy transport machines.

» Top 10 Helicopters, Capacity (Useful Load)

Top 5 Helicopters with Highest People Carrying Capacity

Helicopters are also used to carry and deliver large groups of people to the most unreachable places on Earth. Some very familiar machines have dominated this type of mission for decades.

» Top 10 Helicopters, Capacity (People)

Top 5 Helicopters with Longest Range

Looking for the helicopter with the longest range? Just take a look at this list, which is again compiled from the data of standard production machines.

» Top 10 Helicopters, Longest Range
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1  Pete

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1:03 AM

Robinson Just sold it's 12,000th helicopter so your best selling list is way out of date.  Just thought you should know.
2  HeliStart

Sunday, April 8, 2018 9:53 AM


Thanks for your remark. The best selling list is based on the individual models of a manufacturer and not on the total sales of all their models.

I will update the sales volumes of the models as they are slightly out of date indeed.

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