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Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09 helicopter

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Picture SKYe_SH09
Manufacturer Marenco Swisshelicopter
Type SKYe SH09
Introduced 1/1/2015
In production? No
Units produced 0
Price US $ 2,600,000.00
Overall Length 44.5 ft
Length 0 ft
Height 11.1 ft
Width 7.8 ft
Description Marenco SwissHelicopter is the new kid on the block in the helicopter industry. With the development of the SKYe SH09, the company is targeting the 2.5 ton single-turbine utility market in mainly the US, Europe and emerging markets across the globe.

In 2011, a scale model was shown at the Heli-Expo, with a prototype being available at the 2013 edition of this trade show. Three prototypes have been used for the certification process with the FAA and the EASA. Marenco is aiming to make its first deliveries in 2015.

The SKYe SH09 was designed from scratch, which means that those involved could take advantage of the latest technologies and weren’t constrained by old design solutions. And this shows. A Sagem glass cockpit suite has been used and the machine is driven by a Honeywell turboshaft. The entire fuselage is constructed from carbon composites. The helicopter has five rotor blades, which reduces vibration levels significantly compared to a three-bladed helicopter.

One of the most striking design features is the cabin with its flat and transparent floor between the front seats. This, of course, gives passengers an impressive outside view, while the pilot also benefits from this extra visibility when flying the aircraft. The cabin’s climate control is automotive grade (which must be considered a plus in this aviation segment). Access to the cabin is easy via the (standard) sliding doors, while clamshell doors at the rear of the fuselage give access to a luggage section.

The extensive use of composites gives the SKYe good flight performance figures for cruising speeds and a useful load. The price is about three million dollars (2013). As of April 2013, 45 orders for the machine had been placed.
Design features
  • Shrouded tail rotor
  • Crashworthy seats
  • Glass cockpit
  • Composites rotors
  • Composite cell based cabin enhancing passenger safety
  • Rear access loading through clamshell doors
Persons 8
Max. Range 470 mi
Cruise Speed 160 mph
Max. Speed 0 mph
Max. rate of Climb 0 ft/min
HOGE ceiling 0 ft
Service Ceiling 15000 ft
Gross Weight 5842 lb
Empty Weigt 2866 lb
Useful Load 2976 lb
Dynamic system
Fuel Capacity 0 gallons
Number of Engines 1
Engine Type Turbine
Engine Code Honeywell HTS900-2
Horse Power 1000
Rotorhead Bearing free rotorsystem
Number of rotorblades 5
Rotor Diameter 38 ft
Number of tail rotorblades 0
Tailrotor Diameter 3.9 ft
Blueprints & model
Manufacturer Website manufacturer..
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