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Bell 429 GlobalRanger helicopter

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Specifications Comment this helicopter
Picture 429
Manufacturer Bell
Type 429 GlobalRanger
Introduced 7/1/2009
In production? Yes
Units produced 0
Price US $ 5,000,000.00
Overall Length 43 ft
Length 38.5 ft
Height 13.3 ft
Width 0 ft

Whereas the 427 was unable to service the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) market, Bell was right on track with the development of the 429. This machine is also a light-weight, twin-turbine helicopter with a four-blade rotor head. Bell developed this aircraft in close cooperation with Korea Aerospace Industries.

Although derived from the 427, the 429 added several new innovations from Bell's MAPL (Modular Affordable Product Line) technology program. This program’s aim is the realisation of a modular platform of critical technologies that the company can use in its different helicopter models. This concept also keeps costs low, hence the annotation 'affordable.'

In terms of the 429, this program has led to an all-new modular airframe concept and the use of new composite rotor blades. Bell also stretched the fuselage to create enough space for a stretcher to fit in well. The machine's basic configuration uses a full glass cockpit supporting single pilot IFR capability. The tail rotor configuration follows the form of an X, which helps to lower the machine's noise footprint. The 429 is equipped with the same turbo shaft engines as the 427.

During its test program, Bell used a modified 427 as a MAPL technology testbed. The 429 was certified in 2009.

Design features
  • Glass cockpit
  • Composite rotor blades with swept tips
  • Tail rotors in X- configuration
  • Skid type landing gear (in basic configuration)
  • Optional rear clam-shells
Persons 8
Max. Range 429 mi
Cruise Speed 153 mph
Max. Speed 170 mph
Max. rate of Climb 0 ft/min
HOGE ceiling 11282 ft
Service Ceiling 20000 ft
Gross Weight 7000 lb
Empty Weigt 4487 lb
Useful Load 2513 lb
Dynamic system
Fuel Capacity 215 gallons
Number of Engines 2
Engine Type Turbine
Engine Code Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207D1
Horse Power 586
Rotorhead 4 blades, elastomeric bearings.
Number of rotorblades 4
Rotor Diameter 36 ft
Number of tail rotorblades 2
Tailrotor Diameter 5.4 ft
Blueprints & model
Manufacturer Website manufacturer..
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