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Aerospatiale SA315B Lama helicopter

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Picture SA315B_Lama
Manufacturer Aerospatiale
Type SA315B Lama
Introduced 9/30/1970
In production? No
Units produced 647
Price US $ 850,000.00
Overall Length 42.4 ft
Length 33.7 ft
Height 10.1 ft
Width 7.8 ft
Description The 315B lama is a combination of the Alouette II airframe and Alouette III components. The Lama is a light weight helicopter, designed for high altitude operations. It still holds the maximum altitude world record for helicopters (40,814 ft).
Design features
  • Fuselage of the SA313 Alouette II
  • Engine and rotor system of the SA316 Alouette III
Persons 5
Max. Range 320 mi
Cruise Speed 118 mph
Max. Speed 130 mph
Max. rate of Climb 1080 ft/min
HOGE ceiling 15090 ft
Service Ceiling 17715 ft
Gross Weight 4079 lb
Empty Weigt 2194 lb
Useful Load 1885 lb
Dynamic system
Fuel Capacity 151 gallons
Number of Engines 1
Engine Type Turbine
Engine Code Turbomeca Artouste IIIB
Horse Power 543
Rotorhead Fully articulated
Number of rotorblades 3
Rotor Diameter 36.2 ft
Number of tail rotorblades 3
Tailrotor Diameter 6.3 ft
Blueprints & model
Manufacturer Website manufacturer..
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