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List of European Aviation Authorities

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Bundesministerium fuer Verkehr Austria
Administration de l'Aéronautique Belgium
Department of Civil Aviation Bosnia and Herzegovina
Air Navigation Services Czechia
Statens Luftfartsvæsen Denmark
Civil Aviation Administration Estonia
Civil Aviation Administration Finland
Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile France
Luftfahrt Bundesamt Germany
Civil Aviation Authority Great Britain
Civil Aviation Authority Greece
Civil Aviation Administration Hungary
Aviation Authority Ireland
Ministero dei Trasporti e della Navigazione Italy
Ministerie van Verkeer Netherlands
Luftfartstilsynet Norway
General Inspectorate of Civil Aviation Poland
Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil Portugal
Civil Aviation Authority Romania
Civil Aviation Authority Slovakia
Civil Aviation Administration Slovenia
Ministerio de Fomento Spain
Luftfartsverket Sweden
Bundesamt fuer Zivilluftfahrt Switzerland
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